Solution Sheet

Perform.360 for Retail Banking

Now you can effectively align your sales force and marketing resources with the true market potential of each branch. Perform.360 for Retail Banking is a suite of solutions for evaluating and improving the sales performance of branch networks. With these tools, you can understand market opportunities, benchmark performance, quantify potential and allocate sales goals equitably and efficiently.

Setting rational sales expectations significantly improves the effectiveness of your sales team and your incentive compensation dollars, ultimately leading to an overall increase in sales. Better allocation of sales goals increases your likelihood of achievement and overall performance — stemming from a sales staff more motivated by realistic goals.

Empower your sales force to achieve more

Sales assessment and goal setting maximizes branch performance by establishing objectives that are specific, measurable and attainable. This module is driven by our extensive understanding of consumer behavior. By accounting for the specific set of opportunities and unique environmental constraints that intersect each sales point, our methodology brings focus to management in order to achieve their performance objectives.

Local knowledge provides a complete view of customer base, trade area characteristics, competition and performance metrics for every branch location.

Network analysis provides sophisticated summary reporting across branches and higher levels in the network hierarchy, which enables management to identify top performers, and flags branches that require attention.

The result? An effectively aligned sales force, marketing resources and branch potential that are well-positioned for success. All of this and more is available through desktop and web-enabled applications that allow for detailed analysis by central planners as well as easy distribution to branch staff.

Perform360 for Retail Banking increases the efficiency of your goal-setting process and delivers ROI.

A more informed and better-focused branch management and sales staff can dramatically increase sales and significantly improve overall branch performance. Among the many benefits:

  • Gain consistent market intelligence
  • Streamline the sales planning process
  • Communicate branch goals
  • Target households with greater accuracy
  • Reduce staff turnover

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Perform360 for Retail Banking