Solution sheet

MapInfo Pro Subscription and Support

Get the most from MapInfo Pro

User-inspired enhancements keep MapInfo Pro on the cutting edge. Add Subscription and Support, and you’ll automatically receive access to the latest updates and upgrades. Plus, with its value-added extras, Subscription and Support can practically pay for itself. You’ll also get more ways to visualize and geo-enrich your data.

Subscription and Support includes unlimited access to Bing Maps Aerial and Hybrid imagery. Drivetime and geocoding data credits come with your subscription. Choose Subscription and Support Premium, and you’ll gain access to the most up-todate Microsoft Bing® Road maps as well. We’ll keep you performing at your best.

Be the first to know

When new updates and upgrades to MapInfo Pro become available, you’ll be notified immediately. There’s no need to repurchase or replace. As a subscriber, you’ll simply download and install the latest versions.

Drive the future of GIS

Receive all the latest updates and play a key role in their design. Be a Beta user. Make your needs and ideas heard. By collaborating with subscribers like you, we bring user inspiration to life.

Cash in on the extras

With Subscription and Support, your licensed users will have unlimited access to worldwide Bing maps and imagery. They’ll also be entitled to credits toward drive-time and geocoding data.

That’s a benefit that adds up.