Solution Sheet

MapInfo Pro Subscription

The powerful, easy-to-use GIS you trust is now available as a subscription

You’ve come to rely on MapInfo Pro to manage, analyze, visualize, and present location intelligence. Now, get all the capabilities you’ve come to expect from MapInfo Pro in an easy-to-buy, easy-to-manage subscription. One- and three-year subscriptions offer maintenance, automatic notification of updates and upgrades, and contains features formerly only available in MapInfo Pro Advanced.

Best of all, a one-year subscription to MapInfo Pro costs less than our previous licenses.

Create, view, and analyze huge raster grids

A MapInfo Pro subscription includes access to our patented Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) data format. Particularly valuable to analysts working in the agriculture, oil and gas, and telecom industries, MRR is a high-performance solution for storing and processing extremely large raster datasets.

Additional features include:

Enhanced data visualization – across space and time

  • Want to chart 10-year population trends in a proposed development area? See how shopping patterns change with the weather? MapInfo Pro’s new Time Series tool enables you to easily plot data changes over time.
  • Access and use online data sources, including Bing Maps and other satellite imagery. Then overlay these images onto your maps, highlighting roads and major landmarks for easy identification.
  • Easily manage large Web Feature Service (WFS) data requests with new support for WFS paging.

Accessible data – whatever the format

  • Save time by accessing the data you need directly from the MapInfo Pro interface. MapInfo Pro supports a broad variety of file formats, including ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, and text-based formats such as CSV.

MapInfo Pro Subscription at a glance

  • Get the cutting-edge GIS capabilities you need in a cost-effective subscription
  • Visualize how data changes across space and time
  • Ingest new file formats, including our patented Multi-Resolution Raster data format
  • Enjoy expanded support for web-based location services, including Bing Maps
  • Get faster time to insight with enhanced data-select and design tools
MapInfo Pro Subscription