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Northwest Bank sets the gold standard for data quality and data governance with Precisely

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Northwest Bank is one of the top 100 regional banks in the United States. With $15b in assets under holding, the company relies heavily on data quality and governance solutions to ensure it consistently provides world-class service to its customers.

For years, Northwest Bank focused much of its governance efforts around building out its data warehouse, creating a single repository for data across multiple sources and functional areas.

But that changed in 2021, when Todd Henley, Chief Data Governance and Privacy Officer, joined the team. Todd decided to flip the script – rather than focusing on the data they had at Northwest, he wanted the team to focus on the data they needed.


Northwest Bank combined software and services from Precisely to enable their data to be collected, managed, and communicated.

The combined solutions gave Northwest visibility into all data products simultaneously, and the source of all data points.

The ability to see the source information meant that Northwest could then catalog the data in a way that clearly identified the most critical data in need of attention.

Says Todd, “We can tell you what the data that is populating all those data products looks like. Is it a gold level? Is it silver or bronze? Is it aluminum foil.”

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  • Catalogued data types and lineage by functional area
  • Reduced mailing bounce backs
  • Built in-depth set of data quality and governance metrics, exceeding initial expectations
  • Reduced costs and expenses associated with customer contact information


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Data governance

Data catalog

Strategic services

Professional services

“Precisely provides the broadest breadth and the greatest depth of capabilities than pretty much any other vendor. My experience with Precisely Professional and Strategic Services has been top notch. I have purchased much more expensive software from much larger vendors, especially with working for Fortune 200 companies, and I have not had the level of service that I’ve had from Precisely.”

Todd Henley,
Chief Data Governance & Privacy Officer
Northwest Bank

“Precisely provides the broadest breadth and the greatest depth of capabilities than pretty much any other vendor. ”

Todd Henley, Chief Data Governance and Privacy Officer


In a short time frame, Northwest Bank has already been able to monetarily quantify the benefits of a more holistic view of the data and its sourcing.

“We’ve already found circumstances where zip codes have been truncated, so mailings aren’t going out where we have incorrect email addresses or phone numbers. The reduction in bounce backs is incredibly impactful in terms of dollars and cents,” said Todd.

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“Reduction in bounce backs is incredibly important and incredibly impactful in terms or dollars and cents. Data governance from Precisely is absolutely critical to being able to give that visibility into our data products, and we would not have been able to get that functionality without Precisely.”

Todd Henley,
Chief Data Governance & Privacy Officer
Northwest Bank

Next steps

So what’s next for Northwest Bank? The company will continue to:

  • catalog even more data products critical to business functions
  • develop data working groups across more than six business units to grow data governance adoption
  • create new data to drive business value

According to Todd, Northwest’s data governance journey is just beginning.

As data is continuously incorporated into the data governance program, Todd and his team will also focus on the inclusion of more data protection, data privacy, and risk management activities — with the support of their trusted partner, Precisely.

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