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Customer Story

Direct Line, a UK Insurance Industry “Fixer,” Develops an Effective Remedy to Simplify Coverage

When Direct Line launched in 1985, its goal was to cut out the middleman. As the first UK insurance company to sell car insurance directly via the telephone, it built a business model around the direct delivery of insurance products. Now one of the largest insurers in the UK, Direct Line continues to focus on direct communication and to ensure that customers are fully informed about their policies. One area of continued focus is making their renewal documents as clear as possible so that customers can make appropriate purchases; this was where personalized video and Precisely came in.

“Our home insurance product is modular, to enable customers to select the coverage options that best suit their needs,” explains Katrina King, Director of customer value and experience for Direct Line. “We wanted to ensure that customers were clear on the coverage they’d selected and what they were and weren’t covered for. Our objective was also to prompt customers to review that their cover continued to meet their needs.”The company needed to provide customers with details about their coverage as their policies came up for renewal. A personalized video solution could capture and retain customers’ attention in a way that renewal documents may not. After a full request for proposals (RFP) process, Direct Line chose EngageOne Communicate: Video from Precisely.

Precisely worked closely with Direct Line’s advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi London, to develop the campaign. “It was a creative challenge to figure out how to get people to watch a video that explains their insurance policy,” explains Jon Lefley, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London. “We wrote a series of scenarios to inject some humor into the film, while communicating the important details. Each scene has between 3 and 30 variants, so we create a bespoke version that suits every policyholder.”

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