Property Graph

The relationships between property datasets can be complex and not a simple one-to-one correlation, making it challenging to ascertain a comprehensive view of a property. Property Graph simplifies relationships between two or more of the products listed below, making it easy to join additional datasets for data enrichment. With Property Graph, a connected view of properties can be readily accessed and directly integrated with business processes.

Property Graph is designed for use with two or more of the following licensed Precisely data enrichment products:

  • Address Fabric
    Complete and current inventory of all known addresses in the U.S.
  • Parcel Boundaries
    Property outlines and attribution
  • Buildings
    Spatially aligned building polygons with attributes on building type, use, census block, and elevation
  • Property Attributes
    Details related to property owner, zoning, land use, legal description, historical sales data, and condition of a specific address
  • Points of Interest
    Accurate location and company information for businesses, leisure, and geographic features

To learn more about Property Graph, download the solution sheet.


  • Achieve the most comprehensive view of properties that is readily accessible
  • Extend the scope of analytics and automation with extensive property information
  • Seamlessly integrate carefully sourced, current, and correct property data into your business processes
  • Focus resources using data to improve business outcomes, and less time sourcing, building, and maintaining these relationships
  • Connect relevant property information for all 50 states


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Quarterly, Annually
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