Property Attributes

Property Attributes products allow users to gain deeper insights about a location. These products use local tax authority, Recorder of Deeds, and mortgage transaction data to provide property and building characteristic. These products cover more than 3,100 counties across the United States, and provide users with more than 190 attributes to analyze for a given property, such as:

  • Owner and Address Information
  • Physical Property and Location Data
  • Seller and Buyer Information*
  • Legal Description
  • Property Site Characteristics
  • Internal and External Building Characteristics
  • Property Tax and Sale Information
  • Mortgage Information*

*Available for select products.

Property Attributes products are built to be highly interoperable with the Precisely Parcels Boundaries dataset through a unique feature ID system. Property Graph provides users with enhanced interoperability between several property data products, including Property Attributes. Explore the value of property data enrichment.

Property Attributes - US property assessment data & historical sales data


Determine risk

  • Determine the amount of coverage needed to protect a homeowner
  • Confirm details such as the number of bedrooms and construction type
  • Pre-fill applications with building attributes

More accurately appraise and value property

  • Evaluate home value and verify the quality of appraisals
  • Understand the attributes that affect a property’s value
  • Easily create a list of comparable properties

Identify serviceable locations

  • Leverage building characteristics and land use information to determine if an address is serviceable
  • Identify new look-a-like clients within a serviceable networkMake decisions and assess next steps related to ownership and mineral rights


Select from property assessment data, and historical sales, and mortgage data based on your specific needs.

Attributes include, but are not limited to:

  • Property overview
  • Property valuation
  • Address details
  • Property characteristics
  • Owner information
  • Assessor/deed details
  • Property location (latitude & longitude)
  • Mortgage information


  • Delivers our most comprehensive coverage for over 3,100 counties in the U.S.
  • Over 190 attributes of property information including but not limited to land use, square footage, construction materials, year built and many more
  • Provides a unique identifier for linkage to other datasets and streamlined data management
  • All property records contain a precise latitude and longitude location using our best in class Precisely Spectrum Geocoding Solution



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