Appraisal support and valuation modeling

Comp selection

  • Use residential and neighborhood boundaries in place of distance and enable segmentation of “like” residential areas

Valuation adjustments

  • Enable localized calculation of value based on specific features and uniformly value neighborhood characteristics

Visualization and mapping

  • Visualize and value features such as schools, shopping, venues, and golf courses

Automated valuation modeling

  • Create more granular sales index values at the neighborhood and residential boundary level

Dig into the data

See how real estate companies leverage data for appraisal support and valuation modeling

Visaulize data on a map in the Precisely Data Experience



Visualize address locations on a map and append related information



Appraise homes and develop AVMs with knowledge of comps based on neighborhood, community, and administrative characteristics



Narrow results and identify targets based on criteria for the locations that best reflect customer lifestyles

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