Understand your customers

Identify your customers

  • Identify unique customers, understand who they are, and pinpoint where they are located
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of their likes and dislikes, and how these impact mobile marketing, advertising, and multi-channel customer communication strategies
  • Segment audiences in terms of demographic profile, location profile, buying habits, behaviors, and lifestyle

Turn customer data into insights

  • Drive customer insights and advanced marketing analytics by leveraging location data
  • Improve segmentation, targeting, acquisition, and retention, and understand customer profitability
  • Append attributes to a customer record or location to inform your decision-making process

Expand your target audience

  • Utilize the location profile of mobile users to define behaviors and lifestyles
  • Assign audience profiles to locate similar or lookalike audiences to drive more business

Dig into the data

See how AdTech organizations leverage data to better understand customers and make informed decisions

Visualize data on a map in the Precisely Data Experience



Define territories for location analysis, geofencing, and audience creation

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Understand the locations customers visit to gain better insight of lifestyle and behavior



Define a market territory or a specific area that is close by and easily accessible

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