Automating SAP® Master Data Processes


Make an impact with master data

Poor decisions, inaccurate reporting, hefty fines: do pain points like these sound familiar? They’re just a few of the consequences of bad SAP master data and slow, ungoverned processes. With so much at stake, how can we more efficiently manage our master data?

The fact of the matter is that taking steps to becoming a well-oiled master data machine can seem overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. The secret lies in automation.

SAP-enabled Excel workbooks or business-friendly web forms from Precisely Automate empower you to work faster, standardize and govern processes, and get SAP master data right the first time (and keep it that way).

It’s time to improve SAP master data quality, streamline master data processes across your SAP landscape, and deliver maximum business impact from your ERP investment.

See how Precisely can help you automate your SAP master data processes

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Insights From SAP Master Data Professionals

Your peers at companies like Philips Lighting, Carhartt, and Ascend are sharing how our SAP ERP automation and data management platform has changed the way they work – and the wins that have come with it.

Discover the strategies SAP Data Managers used to transform their process management to enhance workflows, improve data quality and compliance, and increase time-savings.

What does powerhouse master data automation look like in action?

Here are just a few of its impacts across your SAP landscape:

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Vendor Master Data

Streamline onboarding and maintenance. Handle any vendor type, collect necessary data, and make audits easy – all at a fraction of the time and costs associated with IT-centric tools, and without risks to SAP data security.

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Customer Master Data

Speed up and simplify customer management processes. Book orders faster, reduce shipping and billing errors, and, ultimately, create happier customers and sales teams.

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Materials & Product

Create thousands of records in just minutes. Digitize and accelerate the creation and maintenance of materials, routings, bills of materials, and other SAP product data.

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