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Precisely Automate for SAP® Master Data

Take charge of your master data and make an impact on your business

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of SAP master data to all areas of your business. The integrity of day-to-day transactions, executive decision making, and everything in between relies on getting your master data right. However, in many organizations, only a small fraction of master data is actively managed—leaving the rest ungoverned.

Precisely Automate empowers people in, or close to the business—like SAP business analysts, SAP power users, or master data professionals—to take charge of the remaining SAP master data and make a real impact on their organizations. These same people can also use Automate Evolve and Automate Studio to impact transactional data process like sales orders, invoicing, journal entries, and maintenance work orders.

Learn how you can use Precisely Automate to deliver value to your organization:

  • Impact data quality at scale – enforce your business rules and improve data quality across all your master data in any SAP module—reducing costly downstream errors and business risk.
  • Accelerate any master data process – eliminate manual data entry via the SAP GUI and reduce creation and update cycle times across your SAP landscape—enabling the business to move faster.
  • Make a quick impact – rapidly build Excel-based solutions in as little as a few hours, then build on your success with sophisticated workflow solutions you can deploy in a fraction of the time of IT-centric solutions.
  • Make audits easier – quickly report on who did what and when in your SAP systems with Precisely Automate and easily get to the underlying data to speed internal and external audits.
  • Be more agile – deliver flexible solutions that can handle the differing business needs and enable business teams to modify their automation solutions—without having to tap IT or expensive external resources.
  • Report on key metrics – track your progress and report on time and money saved, productivity, errors, and SLAs.
  • Deliver ROI – join thousands of SAP ERP customers around the globe who rely on Precisely Automate to make a positive impact on their bottom line.

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Precisely Automate Solutions for SAP Master Data