Solution Sheet

Spectrum Screener

Bad data leads to bad matches. Yet, most screening platforms don’t include data quality or entity resolution capabilities. Spectrum Screener is different. This modular screening solution improves the quality of your data before the matching starts. With better inputs, you’ll gain more exact matches and reduce events. Integrated post-processing helps prioritize and streamline investigative activity. Fully auditable matching streamlines and accelerates compliance.

Reduce the noise in your screening process. Spectrum Screener combines unparalleled entity resolution with intensive list management. With its powerful screening engine and advanced tools for triage and investigative visualization, you’ll avoid false negatives, reduce false positives, and resolve alerts faster.

Increase FCC-team productivity

Improve your data quality Built-in entity-resolution capabilities identify, standardize and integrate data of different sources and types right within your screening solution. Cleaned, consolidated negative-news and watch lists dramatically reduce duplications. You’ll achieve more exact matching, greater compliance and fewer redundant alerts, resulting in increased productivity and savings.

Screen with confidence

Unlike black-box screening solutions, Spectrum Screener is customer-configurable, so you can easily calibrate confidence levels to better manage risk. With extraordinary transparency, you’ll understand exactly how matches are made, including when and how fuzzy matching is applied. You’ll also gain quick, clear access to full data-lineage and audit trails.

Streamline investigations

Built-in event triage assigns risk scores based on your rules and prioritizes alerts. Built-in case aggregation reduces duplicate efforts by your investigative team. Using investigative outcomes, Spectrum Screener applies machine learning to continually increase efficacy. You’ll reduce the volume of false positives that reach your case management system and require investigators’ time.

Think beyond the match
Regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Penalties for non-compliance can be massive. You can continue to screen against more lists and generate more alerts. However, current practices already produce vast numbers of false positives.  You need a screening solution that increases the quality of alerts, not just the quantity. Budget and staffing limitations demand greater process efficiencies. It’s time to reconsider the screening process end-to-end.

Spectrum Screener