Partner FAQ

On October 11, the legacy Software & Data business is migrating to a new ERP, which includes the transition to a new Precisely instance of Salesforce. As part of this migration, legacy Software & Data partners will move to the new Precisely Partner Portal.

The Precisely team has been working since January on the migration plans to ensure we are limiting the amount of disruption to our Partner and Client businesses.

As a legacy Software & Data partner, you will be among the first group to move to the new unified Precisely Partner Portal beginning October 11 at 5 PM EDT. It is important to note that you will no longer be able to access the Pitney Bowes Partner Portal after Saturday, October 10 at 7 PM EDT.

Effective 7 PM EDT on Saturday, October 10, the website associated with the Pitney Bowes Partner Portal will no longer allow user entry. The new Precisely Partner Portal will be available to our partners at 5 PM EDT on Sunday, October 11.

Upon your initial log-in, you should enter the email address and password you use to log into the PB Legacy Partner portal. You will then be automatically prompted to reset your password due to increased security enhancements.

If you have forgotten your password, please select “Forgot Your Password”. Your email address will remain your user id, and we will send password reset instructions to your email.

The look and feel of the portal will not be materially different than your current experience. You will still be able to access important sites such as Precisely University and the Partner Content Hub from the home page. Additionally, you will continue to receive leads and view your opportunities via the portal.

The Support Cases migration to the new SFDC instance has been delayed by two weeks, so you will be unable to immediately see your existing cases or create a new request. Until this functionality is available within the portal, please utilize for inquiries.

The most significant change will be the new website address. You can access the new portal directly by going to Precisely Partner Portal. Please replace your existing saved Pitney Bowes website address with the new link.

As a partner, we also consider you a customer of Precisely, and we have prepared more detailed FAQs about the changes customers can expect from our ERP migration. Please refer to the FAQs linked below:

Please email your questions to