FAQ: Product Delivery

There will be no immediate changes in the way you access products developed by either Syncsort or Pitney Bowes Software & Data.

We have planned delivery improvements with phased rollouts over the next year.  The following FAQ’s will give you a high level of what those improvements will entail.

There will be no change in process at this time, however, we will advise as any additional improvements become available.

For now, you will continue to download licensed software via URLs you have received in delivery emails from our Global Fulfillment Team, these links will remain active until further notice.  There are currently two types of download URLs:

  • store.pbinsightURLs will be rebranded to store.precisely in early June.  The former pbinsight URLs will automatically be redirected to the Precisely website, at which time you may want to update any bookmarks you have created for your product downloads.
  • The amazonaws URLs will remain active until further notice.

You will continue to receive keys for software products via emails from our Global Fulfillment Team until further notice.

Please find additional information regarding data product delivery here: FAQ: Precisely Data

Please find additional information regarding API delivery here:  FAQ: Precisely APIs

Any issues or questions regarding accessing Precisely products you are entitled to can be addressed by reaching out to Precisely Technical Support

Additional information regarding Technical Support can be found here: