What is Personalized Interactive Video?

Personalized interactive video is truly the next evolution of video.

Traditional video is a mass-produced form of communication, with a one-way message directed towards a large group of customers or prospects. With personalized video, each person watches a video unique to them – not only addressing them by name, but reflecting their individual details, account information, and offers exclusive to them. Interactivity allows customers to take actions within the video, creating a 2-way dialogue between you and your customer, and allowing them to drive their own customer experience journey. 

Personalized AND interactive video changes the game, using real-time technology that keeps your customers engaged and watching. 

Why Personalized Interactive Video is Important?

Video is quickly becoming the world’s preferred method of communication. In the next couple of years, video will make up more than 82% of all internet traffic. If there’s something you want to communicate to your clients and prospects, video is the way to do it. And presenting it in a personalized manner with which they can interact will guarantee they are paying attention, as viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video as compared to reading it in text.

Personalized, interactive video simplifies the complex, by explaining everything from insurance policies to billing statements in easy-to-understand ways.

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How Does Interactive Personalized Video Work?

Imagine reproducing a real-time human-to-human conversation, without the actual need for humans. Through a combination of customer data and prompts, recommendations for best-next-engagement give viewers the answers they need.

These videos are not pre-rendered. If the viewer’s data profile changes, so does the video – even mid-experience. By integrating with CRM systems, viewers can access their own personalized URL (PURL) for a video experience that’s unique to them. Viewers can interact, selecting the specific topics that interest them. Personalized content driven by customer data responds to viewer preferences in real time, explaining bills and statements, highlighting special offers, onboarding new customers and more.

How Precisely Can Help

With EngageOne Communicate from Precisely, any business user can now integrate personalized, interactive videos into an omnichannel customer experience strategy. Learn more about EngageOne Communicate and our scalable services and solutions.