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How to Overcome the Obstacles of Data Integration

Authors Photo Rachel Levy Sarfin | March 11, 2020

Gartner reports that integration work accounts for half of the time and cost of building a functioning digital platform. Why does data integration take up so much time and money? There are several obstacles that stand in the way of a seamless data integration project. 

Precisely Connect helps you overcome data integration obstacles. Read on to learn what challenges you can face during the data integration process, and how Precisely enables you to solve them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Potential data integration problems

There are two categories of problems that data integration poses:

  • Problems with the data itself
  • Bringing together current technologies and new investments 

What do we mean when we talk about the complexity of new technologies? Let’s say your organization is constantly being asked to integrate more and more technologies and data but are struggling to do so because of a lack of skills, strategy, etc. As customer experience gets smarter, more applications a customer touches, there is more data and then more integration work.

The traditional set of integration tools, which is a set of task-integration technologies, isn’t up to the challenge of carrying out data integration in this case – there is too much information, and it’s coming into the enterprise too quickly. 

There can also be problems with the data itself. You may find that information has been kept in silos, so there can be several sources containing similar information, but the values are disparate because they haven’t been synchronized. 

Other challenges with data could be that the data quality is poor; it could be inaccurate, it could be out of date, inconsistent, or invalid. Data quality is also a huge consideration with data integration projects because when one source has poor data quality, it sours the source with which it’s integrated.

How Precisely solutions help you solve data integration problems 

Data integration challenges don’t have to prevent you from carrying out successful data integration projects. Precisely’s solutions can help. 

The Precisely Connect product family helps you gain strategic value from all your enterprise data by delivering information when, where and how it’s needed. Build a data pipeline with maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Our products enable you to get greater insights with the reliability, scalability, and security required from even the most demanding of enterprise environments

Trillium Quality is a full suite of enterprise-grade data quality tools that rapidly transform tangled information into trusted business data for analytics. It discovers data anywhere in the enterprise, cleanses, validates, and links, as well as deploys it and governs it. 

Connect today’s infrastructure with next-gen technology to unlock the potential of all your enterprise data. To learn more read our eBook: A Data Integrator’s Guide to Successful Big Data Projects