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Easy, Automated, Real-Time Data Sharing: What Can It Do For Your Business?

Overcoming challenges to real-time, automated data sharing

Demands on business today include tighter regulations, leaner budgets, intensifying competition, accelerated M&A activity and more. These requirements are driving an ever-increasing need to improve efficiency and decision making.

Access to timely, accurate data – when, where and how it is needed, regardless of platform – is key to streamlining operations and accelerating time to action. The challenge? Taking the modern landslide of data and extracting real business intelligence and value.

What if you could effortlessly replicate data from virtually any popular database into another–and back again–without custom programming or large-scale integration costs?

What if you could share data from one application to another in real time and be assured that the data would be in the exact format each application and user needed?

Would it help if you could add a new customer, update an inventory balance or delete a stock item, and have all of these applications share the same information in real time?

What would your business gain if you could break down isolated silos of user data and give everyone across the enterprise the same effortless access to accurate, current and complete data?

What if you could accomplish this without discarding or changing your investment in existing systems and databases? How much more productive could your database staff be if a single solution could be used to manage data sharing across all databases across all platforms?

Would it help you handle data security, auditing, and compliance with government-mandated regulations using a standardized, enterprise-wide tool?

What if you could be confident that the right data is reaching the right people so you could spend your time on other pressing IT/business alignment issues?

This white paper describes the market forces driving the need for data sharing, examines the complications of traditional approaches to the problem, and proposes an alternative – real-time, automated, cross-platform database replication.

real-time automated data sharing
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