Future of Mainframe and IBM i: Ask the Experts Panel

Data and IT are vital to all, and today’s demands on systems drive the need for a resilient infrastructure, an agile team, as well as performant, accessible information to deliver high-velocity, reliable business services to customers. But organisations that run most of their business on legacy technology like mainframe and IBM i are trying to understand how these systems can be a part of their architecture as they adopt new cloud technologies. Precisely was able to speak with many large organisations across Europe to better understand their challenges around integrating their mission-critical IBM systems with their IT strategy in a constantly evolving technology landscape, and we want to share those findings you.

Join your Precisely experts as they discuss:

  • Why the mainframe and IBM i systems are here to stay
  • How organisations tackle challenges that heritage technology presents to digital modernisation
  • Findings from the Future of Mainframe and IBM i industry report and customer panel
An Ask the Experts Panel
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