Best Practices for SAP Automation - A Roadmap for Building Success from the Inside

Ever wonder why sometimes even the best technology fails? Sometimes it’s because the technology was oversold. Sometimes organizations try to tackle too much too fast or lack the organizational maturity to transform critical processes. Mostly it’s a combination of these factors.

Join us as we distill almost 20 years of working with customers into a roadmap you can follow to successfully transform even the most complex SAP processes for whatever stage in the journey you’re in.

We will discuss:

  • How to develop an Automation Center of Excellence, including what kinds of roles, skills, and structure ensure you’re scaling your automation without sacrificing centralized control and governance
  • What it takes to align your people, processes, and technology
  • Best practices to achieve faster processes, better data, and happier, more productive business teams

Speaker: Andrew Hayden

How to align people, processes and technology for success
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