Solution Sheet


Make smarter branch transformation decisions with WinSITE

WinSITE offers an objective, reliable and defensible branch transformation simulation solution that reduces risk by enabling the user to build a long-range, tactical plan to maximize branch network potential.

Decrease branch overlap and reduce costs

Incremental network analysis is the single most important element in accurately assessing the financial impact of branch network decisions. WinSITE predicts cannibalization, thus providing the true network impact. For each strategy, tactic — or “what-if ” scenario — that’s tested, WinSITE provides a detailed product level forecast, both for the proposed new site as well as its incremental impact on the network. Incremental deposits, loans, revenue and costs can be forecast for each scenario. The cashflow report option provides a detailed financial assessment of the long-term impact of each strategy and tactic.

Our powerful market simulation model specifically addresses the business challenges and complex decisions required to properly manage a diverse branch network. Our solution provides fact-based, rigorous consumer behavior models in an easy-to-use web-based mapping and data engine application. By quantifying all the relevant market forces, financial institutions can simulate and assess the financial impact of strategies and tactics before investing capital resources, including:

  • Detailed product level forecasts, including the network impact
  • The financial impact of adding new branches, consolidations, renovations and relocations
  • The identification of the next best branch opportunities
  • Determining how to optimize the network configuration across markets
  • Off-site ATM deployment recommendations that maximize market coverage
  • Evaluation of acquisition candidates’ networks precisely

The WinSITE solution is customized to each customer’s specific situation. The components usually include:

  • Consumer and small business product-level demand
  • Projected growth for financial products at the small area geography level
  • Insights for consumer behavioral segments of product demand: Digital, branch-based and bank at home, bank at work
  • Branch footprint attributes and their relationship to performance
  • Brand value and competitor effectiveness
  • Assessment of competitive strength at the small area geography level
  • Profitability of product demand
  • Capital expenditure requirements
  • Operating cost structure

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