Solution Sheet

Spectrum Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring

Improve data quality to reduce false positives

Most AML investigations are the result of false positives. The problem is not your transaction monitoring system, it’s the quality of the data inputs.

Spectrum Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring gives you the power to find, fix, link and visualize complex relationships. Combining industry-leading data quality with innovative graph database technology, it enables you to improve your ability to detect suspicious activity, consolidate cases and provide investigators with the information they need to resolve cases faster.

Reduce false positives and streamline compliance

Validate your data Using proven algorithms and global reference data, Spectrum Entity Resolution automatically integrates, standardizes and normalizes information. You’ll see when multiple accounts are owned by the same party or entity, and make connections others miss.

Achieve timely resolution

Resolve entities pre-TMS. Spectrum Entity Resolution automatically assigns a Global User ID (GUID) that becomes the reference for all activities and relationships. Then post-TMS, it helps you consolidate alerts and reduce the volume of false positives passed to your investigative team.

Display due diligence

Give your investigators the tools they need to understand why alerts were generated. Help them visualize the relevant relationships and data that contributed to each alert. Spectrum Entity Resolution makes it easy for them to communicate each action and connection in due-diligence reviews.

Reduce the noise in your AML processes

Organizations that integrate entity resolution with transaction monitoring report significant improvements in performance.  Gain the power to automatically find, fix, link and visualize relationships. When you reduce the noise in your processes, you’ll add efficiencies at every step.

Gain business agility with a single platform

There’s no need to replace your existing platforms, systems or processes. Spectrum® Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring builds on your existing infrastructure to streamline and enhance your AML insight and actions worldwide.

Spectrum Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring