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Spectrum Data Federation

Spectrum Data Federation helps you utilize your data assets across your organization.

Work smarter with Spectrum Data Federation

You probably possess the data necessary to run applications, understand customers and make critical business decisions.But disparate systems, data silos and inconsistent formats make it difficult to draw conclusions. One-off integration projects are less effective and can easily consume 30% of your development budget.

Spectrum Data Federation extracts data, analyzes information and offers the visibility you need to run your business more effectively. It’s a simple, consistent way to increase the speed and quality of day-to-day transactions and customer experience

Integrate information with less complication with Spectrum Data Federation

  • Free your data
  • Take decisive action
  • Simplify your IT

Empower every department with essential business intelligence

  • Make the connection
  • Simplify functionality
  • Raise your data’s IQ

Drive business intelligence initiatives

Make data more accessible throughout your company:

  • Get an end-to-end view of your logistics process by combining material management data from SAP® with inventory data from a supply-chain management system
  • Link order data from with invoice data from your billing system to generate a complete sales history
  • Leverage Oracle Siebel® contact history with on-demand web applications to serve up relevant offers and boost cross-sell response
    Implement Spectrum Data Integration without high IT overhead and training and take advantage of a powerful and flexible integration engine that maximizes your business intelligence. Connectors for data integration, migration and ingestion:
    • Consolidate and migrate data from on-premise systems to SaaS based systems
    • Synchronize new leads created in a marketing automation system with a CRM system
    • Enable real-time flow of current data

Boost agility

Going beyond simple data integration, you can also take advantage of our module. This state-of-the-art agile approach offers universal data access that virtually integrates all your information into a single logical data source.

  • Wrap new information around a Data Warehouse
  • Utilize an existing Data Warehouses across multiple applications
  • Maintain data flows even if underlying data platforms change

Spectrum Data Federation offers on-demand data access across your organization through standard interfaces, while you maintain complete control over access.

Quickly access the critical application data needed to make better decisions:

  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Prepare data to create a single view of customers
  • Enhance data integrity
  • Strengthen management reporting
  • Provide for more timely decisions
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimize programming expenses

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Spectrum Data Federation