Solution Sheet

Precisely’s Data Integrity Suite and Snowflake

The modular, interoperable Precisely Data Integrity Suite contains everything you need to ensure your Snowflake data is accurate, consistent, and contextual – wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Data integrity is a universal imperative

In today’s digital economy, data is the lifeblood of any business. But people in organizations of all sizes and from all industries don’t trust their data. And that’s a big problem.

Data remains locked away in silos or arrives too late to be of any use. Even if the data is accessible and correct, how it’s used is not well understood or managed. And too often, it’s not even fit for purpose—missing essential elements and lacking context and precision for the operational or analytical task.

To thrive in today’s digital economy, your data needs to be accurate, consistent, contextual, and available everywhere it’s needed—exactly when it’s needed. It needs data integrity.

Your one-stop shop for trusted data

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite is a set of seven interoperable modules that enable your business to build trust in your data to have maximum accuracy, consistency, and context.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite delivers an unparalleled combination of software capabilities and enrichment data accessible through a uniquely integrated and interoperable approach. Deploy the SaaS modules you need when you need them, knowing they are designed to deeply interoperate and integrate with your existing Precisely products and technology ecosystem, including Snowflake. Built-in intelligence and a business-friendly, no-code user experience make it easy for business and data users to make fast, confident decisions to grow your business.Data Integrity Suite - PreciselyRead this solution sheet to learn more about the key components and features of the Data Integrity Suite and Snowflake data from Precisely.