Solution Sheet

Maximize Customer Data

Align customer data across your enterprise systems.

Achieve new levels of precision If your organization manages customer information the same way you did yesterday, it will be difficult to face tomorrow’s challenges. With Precisely, you can leverage more precise data to improve results from sales and marketing to customer service.

Our customer information management solutions make it easier to use customer data across existing enterprise systems. You’ll benefit from increased accuracy and a comprehensive view of each customer that allows you to enhance and strengthen customer engagement. Then, with happier, more loyal customers, you can watch your revenues grow.

Superior customer data impacts everything Drive sales productivity

Sales teams can lose valuable time reconciling records, wrestling with poor information and attempting to retrieve data that’s stuck in silos. Improve data quality and access, so your salesforce can focus on acquiring new customers and strengthening important customer relationships.

Boost marketing effectiveness

Bad addresses and inconsistent data in enterprise systems can debilitate your marketing efforts. Boost your results.  With accurate, precise customer information provided by Precisely, you can create relevant and engaging segmented marketing campaigns.

Enhance customer service

Customer experience suffers when inconsistent data from multiple sources feeds your applications and your customer service agents. For more satisfying interactions and improved retention, equip your reps with more accurate, consistent and complete customer data.

Optimize your customer data to:
• Build a comprehensive view of each customer
• Enhance accuracy, usability and access
• Standardize, validate and enrich for greater insight
• Boost effectiveness and ROI

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Maximize Customer Data