Why The Right PIM is More Critical Now Than Ever

How we sell products has changed forever and will continue to change in ways we haven’t yet imagined. See why product information management (PIM) is key to successfully adapting to this new normal.

The pandemic changed everything

COVID-19 has made it clear: Digitize everything, and think digital-first whether you’re selling to consumers or business buyers.


2 out of 3

consumers plan to continue online shopping after the pandemic.

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Staying home and going digital

The global pandemic triggered a dramatic increase in e-Commerce traffic worldwide,
accelerating a long-established trend.

In a matter of 90 days, we have vaulted forward ten years in consumer and business digital adoption.

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US e-Commerce penetration

Digital acceleration

Following 2020, consumers intend to use more digital touchpoints:



Purchase more non-grocercy products online


Connect digitally with brands more frequently


of all 5-year global market growth is estimated to come from e-Commerce.


of consumers switched to new brands or retailers.

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Wavering loyalty

Amid the disruption, consumer loyalty wavered. In such an uncertain environment, delivering great experiences before, during, and after purchasing is more important than ever.

What’s most important to online shoppers

Widespread adoption of digital and contactless shopping has recalibrated expectations for e-Commerce. An increased emphasis on making products easy to find, visually appealing, and clearly defined leads the way.

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Works fast/loads quickly


Clear images and descriptions


Easy to navigate

It’s not just B2C

B2B companies are not immune to this digital disruption.

The COVID-19 factor

COVID has disrupted the norms and trends of B2B and B2C commerce and amplified the importance of diversification of business models and digital revenue streams.



of B2B decision makers report an increase in e-Commerce sales since COVID-19.

2023 B2B e-Commerce forecast:




Of all B2B sales

US forecast

Buyers aren’t willing to accept less from their professional experience as B2B purchasers than they are accustomed to getting from their personal experience as consumers.


Keys to remaining competitive

Companies must embrace three key imperatives to compete and thrive in this new world—all of which rely on PIM. Delivering high-quality product information and outstanding service across your digital and physical customer touch points is critical to each of these business initiatives. And that’s exactly what PIM can do for you.


Go all in on omnichannel

A critical component for delivering a great omnichannel experience is being able to deliver hyper-local and personalized experiences—both in store and online.

Direct to consumer

Power DTC & new business models

DTC (direct-to-consumer) enables companies to build a direct relationship with customers and collect important data about their interactions. It also creates opportunities for new strategies centered around the bundling/unbundling of products, package sizes, pricing, and subscription-based models.


Expand your e-Commerce presence

By 2022, organizations employing multiple digital commerce go-to-market approaches will outperform non-commerce peers by 30%.

Additional business benefits

In addition to powering tailored omnichannel experiences, embracing new business models, and scaling digital capabilities, the right PIM platform can help your company:

Get to market faster

Get to market faster

Be more agile

Be more agile

Scale up catalogs

Scale up catalogs

Increase conversion & AOV

Increase conversion & AOV

Improve CX & drive loyalty

Improve CX & drive loyalty

Make better business decisions

Make better business decisions

Drive operational efficiences

Drive opreational efficiences

Reach new markets

Reach new markets

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