Managing the Top 5 Mainframe Security Vulnerabilities with Splunk Dashboards

Despite popular belief, the mainframe isn’t immune to external threats and attacks.

Taking mainframe security for granted, or managing it in a silo, can put your mission-critical applications and customer data (even your business) at risk. To keep their systems safe, organizations are adding their mainframe data to Splunk Dashboards, getting the enterprise-wide view they need to quickly respond to security vulnerabilities, no matter where and when they happen.

For a long time the IBM z/OS mainframe platform has been viewed as “inherently” secure, implying that the platform is secure by virtue of its foundational design. This myth has led many mainframe organizations to believe that hardly anything needs to be done to augment the platform to keep it secure. The assumption that the mainframe is “bulletproof,” combined with the slow but steady decline in mainframe-specific security expertise, has resulted in mainframe security being taken for granted in many organizations.

However, the rise in data and security breaches worldwide has forced C-level executives to stand up and take notice. The risk of non-compliance with the growing mass of governmental regulations and industry standards is causing loss of sleep as the C-suite faces more rigorous levels of responsibility for the integrity of enterprise data than did its predecessors. Potential penalties for failure of oversight are greater – fines and potentially jail sentences, not to mention the damage to the corporate brand when a breach becomes public.

In this eBook we will examine some of the risks and threats to mainframe security along with the data sources that can be leveraged to help address the threats and contain the risks.

There are three primary security solutions that exist in the IBM z/OS mainframe environment: IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF), CA ACF/2, and CA Top Secret. All are similar in scope providing controls over what can be done within z/OS by protecting defined resources. Security is provided by:
1. Identifying and verifying users
2. Authorizing users to access protected resources
3. Recording and reporting access attempts

Download our latest eBook, Managing the Top 5 Mainframe Security Vulnerabilities with Splunk Dashboards, to learn what puts the mainframe at risk, and how using Splunk helps you stay secure.

eBook: Managing the Top 5 Mainframe Security Vulnerabilities with Splunk Dashboards
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