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Customer Story

Time Warner Replaces Spreadsheets with Location Intelligence and Spatial Analysis to Increase Sales

Time Warner Cable finds a better way to analyze data

Time Warner Cable is the second-largest multiple service provider in the US. Originally a cable television provider, the company introduced high-speed internet, digital phone, and wireless services. Time Warner Cable needed to drive additional revenues from untapped markets — and turned to Precisely software. Using advanced mapping and spatial analysis, the Time Warner Business Development team in Los Angeles could better understand where current customers, competition, and untapped markets are located, helping increase sales across the entire region.

The Los Angeles area, in particular, is one of intense competition, with multiple providers vying for the same customers. Spreadsheets used by the sales teams and company employees were a good way of discussing data, but they were becoming increasingly ineffective in showing the depth of opportunities, the challenges, and the competitive landscape that existed. It was also difficult to manipulate and interpret data in a manner that was relevant to the sales teams.

Realizing the shortfalls and limitations of spreadsheet analysis, the Time Warner Cable Business Development team designed a new way of analyzing data: Advanced Penetration Mapping (APM). APM is a web-based mapping software program that is cross geo-coded with the billing system. This approach aligns territory targeting by using MapInfo Pro from Precisely to show service penetration levels through pre-established multilevel range targeting and color-blend range transitions.

By switching from spreadsheets to geographical data mapping analysis, the Business Development team was able to identify 15 new areas of subset data. This new data completely changes standard marketing, direct sales, audit, and business development procedures, taking sales operations, productivity, and results to new levels.

Armed with more detailed information and analysis about customer prospects and competitive threats, the sales team could more effectively market Time Warner Cable’s full line of product and service offerings. Using MapInfo Pro, all company employees are able to visualize the relationship between data, geography, and end-result performance. Management can perform new data analysis and implement new sales strategies like never before.

Download this case study and learn more about how Time Warner Cable used MapInfo Pro to increase business opportunities.