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MapInfo Pro v2023

Unlock the next dimension in spatial analytics with the powerful, easy-to-use GIS you expect.

Location data adds both insight and complexity to corporate decision-making. Mistakes are too expensive for a trial-and-error approach to mapping. For example, if you’ve opened a new fast-food restaurant, you can’t relocate it once you realize you made a poor decision and you’re not drawing the crowds you need.

MapInfo Pro is an easy-to-use geographic information system (GIS) that helps you more easily capture, manage, analyze,
and visualize location data — revealing relationships, patterns, and trends.

The latest addition of 3D visualization in MapInfo Pro v2023 offers an engaging way to convey complex spatial context to a broader audience and unlocks endless possibilities for urban planning, coastal modeling, and disaster management. Share business-critical findings with different teams and departments to enable quick access to location-based context across
your organization.

Use MapInfo Pro to explore, model, and act upon the world around you.

Better understand a location by gathering information about its key features and how they interact. Visualize data through map symbols, themes, and labels. You can even overlay multiple datasets on a single map to distinguish patterns
that would otherwise be hidden.

Integrate your corporate data with maps and demographics by turning addresses into locations. Combine this information with our powerful spatial querying and modeling tools. Run different scenarios for an accurate, up-to-date representation
of a location’s possibilities.

Build models that are easily understood. Enable corporate decision-makers to understand each site and scenario’s attributes and drawbacks fully. Help them take the type of action that propels your business forward.

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MapInfo Pro v2023