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TalkTalk Business achieves better customer results with new integrated and data-driven billing portal


increase in win rate


B2B Telecom provider in the UK

4 million

TV and mobile services customers


TalkTalk Business (TTB) is the business arm of TalkTalk, working with over 650 partners to deliver a full range of business-grade communications products and services, including connectivity and networking as well as voice and IP telephony.

Through their partners, they are Britain’s largest provider of wholesale broadband to both small businesses and consumers. They also serve the needs of 80,000 Business customers nationwide through their separated TTB Direct division, which offers a wide range of data connectivity solutions, from business broadband and Fibre, through to high-value Ethernet circuits and wide area networks.

As is often the case in Telco business billing, TalkTalk’s business customer billing is high in volume, very complex and often requires consolidation of numerous data sets to make one document. Following a customer survey, TalkTalk Business found themselves wanting to enable better services for their business customers.

Business challenge

Many customers had never used the TTB portal, and those who had described it as ‘OK’ but ‘basic.’ Customers were requesting increased online functionality, additional bill details, and a more consistent format. TalkTalk Business felt the need to change the environment to something scalable for all customers and partners that was in line with their Mission Statement, #EasyToDoBusinessWith.

Requirements for a new portal were:

  • Make client self-service available, decreasing the amount of client contact to the support team.
  • A more modern portal, enabling real-time view of bills and sophisticated analytics to improve data-driven decision making for both TalkTalk Business and its customers.
  • Enable customers to create their own hierarchies and account structures.
  • Provide an engaging and interactive experience across all channels and make it easier to understand and interrogate information, improving customer satisfaction and increasing brand impression.
  • Replace emails with bill PDF attachments and drive customers to the online portal for all bill PDF downloads.
  • A direct Salesforce integration for single sign-on user interface and account access.
  • Complete bill layout re-design & rebuild for all customer bill formats including paper/PDF and images from the portal.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

This portal had to integrate with the existing billing systems, to consume the data from them, but also to consume the PDFs from the document composition system producing the bills. The bills would also need a complete redesign.



Client Profile

  • TalkTalk is one of the largest B2B telecom providers in the UK
  • Provides landline, broadband, TV and mobile services to over 4 million customers
  • Focus is to make fixed connectvity affordable and reliable for all consumers


EngageOne™  Digital Self-Service

“Following a customer survey, TalkTalk Business found themselves wanting to enable better services for their business customers. ”


Partnering with a communications consultancy, TalkTalk Business was led through a structured process to examine the problems with the existing bill design. By analysing calls into the contact centre, TTB was able to come up with something much cleaner, more easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.

By using Precisely’s Spectrum Server solution, TTB can seamlessly connect data from the billing system and feed it into their existing Precisely EngageOne™  Compose document composition solution to create personalized billing statements. Spectrum also allows for connections into the other billing systems in place, plus any new ones to be introduced, thus future proofing the environment for TalkTalk Business. Their data-enhanced documents are then rendered and displayed in their newly adopted customer portal, EngageOne™  SmartBill, an out-of-the-box solution from Precisely. Part of the EngageOne™  Digital Self Service suite, SmartBill allowed Talk Talk Business to easily customize features with their branding and needs.

SmartBill is able to handle the complex billing hierarchies that their customers have, and allows them to self-manage. This increases customer satisfaction while reducing time, effort and cost for TalkTalk Business. Dynamic reporting gives customers the ability to slice and dice their data in a way that’s most meaningful for them. Users can also access different types of bills across all their accounts in one place. In addition, single sign-on and direct integration to their Salesforce CRM system make for an even more seamless customer experience.

Technology used

  • EngageOne™  Compose
  • EngageOne™  Digital Self Service – SmartBill and SmartView modules
  • EngageOne™  Vault
  • Spectrum Server

Providing a more modern, easy to use, and personalized billing experience for their customers has also led to a 10% reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for TTB.


Precisely EngageOne™  solutions have helped TalkTalk Business to achieve their goals and drive better business outcomes. TTB has seen an increase in CSAT scores, as well as a reduction in customer churn. Providing a more modern, easy to use, and personalized billing experience for their customers has also led to a 10% reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for TTB. This in turn has led to an increase in interest received by the company.

Finally, as an added benefit, when bidding to win new customers TTB has seen a 2% increase in win rate due their new competitive digital offerings. This modern platform continues to provide both benefits to the company, and customer experience alike.

EngageOne™  Digital Self-Service

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