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Critical Issue

As a major provider of finance and banking services, PermataBank must ensure the highest levels of customer service through a variety of delivery channels including ATMs, internet banking, mobile banking and teller services. Any interruption would mean serious damage to the bank’s reputation. PermataBank required an industry-proven high availability solution to protect the real-time delivery of banking information to its employees and customers at anytime of the day or night.

Business Challenge

To retain existing customers and attract new accounts, PermataBank must compete with other major players in the banking industry. Information technology now plays an essential role in terms of security and data protection, with customers not only seeking services provided by multiple delivery channels such as mobile banking, Internet banking and ATMs, but also to fulfill their financial needs in a fast, easy and secure manner.

As the company commits to focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, retail, and corporate segments, PermataBank must rely on real-time information to support all of its banking transactions.

“IT banking operations are very complicated and must be supported by a safe and reliable system; a highly available system would protect all critical data and transactions, even if a data center, hard drive or network is down,” said Y. B. Hariantono, IT Group Head, PermataBank. PermataBank began to search for a proven high availability (HA) solution to meet its rigorous requirements.

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  • Removed the threat of unplanned downtime.
  • Eliminated planned downtime for system maintenance and upgrades.
  • Ensured the 24/7 delivery of real-time information to customers.
  • Provided a proven mirror server as a reliable back-up system.
  • Increased business and retained customers by delivering optimal uptime for all delivery channels.



“Our Assure MIMIX HA solution gives us a competitive advantage in a highly aggressive financial environment. It’s easy to use, cost-effective and a proven performer for keeping our critical banking systems up and running.”

Y. B. Hariantono IT Group Head PermataBank


To support and protect its IT banking system, PermataBank chose Assure MIMIX HA from Precisely. With a close, collaborative relationship with IBM, Precisely products are continuously optimized for the IBM i platform. In addition, Precisely is used by banks and financial institutions worldwide to protect their vital applications and data.

Already a partner with Multipolar, an authorized Precisely and IBM business partner, PermataBank received comprehensive, expert assistance for a successful implementation, which included the initial planning process, system installation, integration, stress testing procedures and training.

The concept of dual data centers has aided PermataBank in handling its live daily transactions. While one data center runs the daily business processes, the other would mirror and synchronize the data as a backup. As such, the second data center would always be automatically updated with the same data as the first one. Both data centers would perform as an integrated and synchronized system. Whenever the system requires maintenance or an upgrade, operations automatically switch from the main data center to its mirror. The transfer is imperceptible, allowing customers to continue with their transactions using real-time data even when the main server is undergoing maintenance. “With Assure MIMIX HA, we do not need to worry about system failures since we know there is a reliable backup helping us to continue to respond to our customers’ needs. Even system downtime for maintenance and upgrades is a thing of the past, since the second data center will automatically pick up where the other left off,” said Hariantono. PermataBank’s decision to use Assure MIMIX HA has had an immediate impact on its bottom line. Savings from eliminating both planned and unplanned downtime is helping the bank obtain a rapid return on investment for the Assure MIMIX installation as well as increasing employee productivity. The bank’s capabilities for providing 24/7 services has helped establish PermataBank as one of the few financial institutions in Indonesia that can immediately and securely perform customer transactions.

“Multipolar has helped us immensely in integrating Assure MIMIX HA into our network infrastructure, making the transition process a smooth one. Moreover, Assure MIMIX HA is the only solution that offers support and integration to our entire core banking applications. It is also very easy to use, allowing our IT department to rapidly come up to speed and manage the solution by themselves, quickly servicing our employees and customers,” added Hariantono.

“In the end, Assure MIMIX HA is an effective solution to implement as it offers major cost benefits and is the best solution for the banking industry today,” Hariantono stated.


Technology used

  • Assure MIMIX HA
  • IBM® i Servers
  • Financial services and banking software solutions


Guarantee 24/7 IBM i application availability and protect against data loss with Assure MIMIX

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