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Assure MIMIX HA: An Executive Overview

See how Assure MIMIX HA can help your organization

The pace and competitive landscape of global commerce today necessitates a flexible, resilient and available IT infrastructure that delivers 24×7 access to business-critical data and applications for customers, business partners and employees.  Assure MIMIX HA: Easy, Scalable, Assured Availability for IBM i

Any disruption to the availability of your business systems and data poses a threat to your business. Downtime not only impairs employee productivity. It impacts both short-term revenue through lost business and long-term revenue due to customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, it can tarnish your company’s
reputation and harm its ability to win the trust of new partners and customers. Interruptions to business continuity for even a short period of time can seriously reduce your company’s profitability and possibly jeopardize its viability.

You need a solution that delivers high availability and protection from disaster. This paper provides an overview of seven key criteria to keep in mind when searching for the solution that is right for you. Along the way it will describe how Assure MIMIX HA, the industry leader in high availability and disaster recovery for IBM i, addresses each of these criteria to help meet your availability challenges today and position yourself meet the needs of your future.

The seven vital functions of a high availability solution include:
1. Scalable, flexible replication technology
2. Easy installation, configuration and control
3. Convenient, secure monitoring
4. Customizable, automated procedures
5. Audits for data integrity
6. Ability to grow with your needs
7. Automated optimization.

This Executive Overview offers details on how Assure MIMIX HA has evolved into an advanced solution. Assure MIMIX HA offers faster recovery, stronger data protection and a smarter way to manage high availability for IBM i.

When evaluating any availability solution, there are a handful of critical functions that must be considered. This white paper offers an overview of seven of the most essential availability functions and how each is addressed by Assure MIMIX.

Assure MIMIX HA - Easy, Scalable Assured Availability for IBM i
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