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Customer Story

Nodak Mutual Insurance

Assure iTERA HA is exactly what Nodak Mutual was looking for in an HA/DR solution

When Nodak Mutual relied on an old-style backup and recovery strategy, which employed tape-based backups and a third-party recovery site, it would have taken days to resume full operations after a disaster. That was far too long. The company needed a way to keep its business running no matter what may occur.

Since Furi Group covers auto, real estate, chain operation and finance sectors, it needs to find an OA data protection system capable of meeting multi-sector business needs and offering forward compatibility to support future IT expansion of the group.

In addition, Furi Group has limited budget for the project, so how to build a cost-effective and highly available data protection environment has become key to the project.

Nodak Mutual operates primarily during normal weekday business hours. Thus, system maintenance performed at night or on weekends has minimal impact on its business. However, natural disasters and hardware failures obviously can’t be scheduled. If they result in downtime during business hours the consequences would be disruptive and costly.

In the past, Nodak’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy consisted of creating backup tapes and shipping them to a third-party recovery site in Phoenix, Arizona. If a disaster struck the primary data center in Fargo, North Dakota, it would have taken days to allocate a system at the recovery site, configure that system, load all of the data and applications from backup tapes, test the system, and finally make the applications available to users. During that time, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to conduct business.

To make matters worse, the DR provider allowed only 24 hours of testing time per year, all of which had to be contiguous. This did not afford Nodak adequate confidence that the recovery solution would indeed work as required if a disaster struck.

Nodak needed a DR solution that would dramatically reduce recovery times, while delivering the peace of mind of a well- tested solution.