Customer story

Customer Communication Management Offers Slovak Telecom a Competitive Edge

Following deregulation and rebranding, Slovak Telecom was implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) and a new rating and billing solution for its entire customer base. The company needed a solution that could be installed quickly, enabling it to make a rapid transition from a regulated market into a market led environment. To gain a competitive edge, the company also needed to produce a new invoice design for Slovak Telecom customers, without exceeding current paper and mailing costs.

The transition from a regulated to market-led environment posed a number of challenges for Slovak Telecom. Most importantly, the company needed a customer communication management (CCM) solution that could be installed quickly and integrate with existing billing systems, print shop hardware, and processes. In addition, Slovak Telecom wanted a new invoice design to help gain a competitive edge.

Customer communication management offers new telecom provider a competitive edge