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Customer Story

Campbell County, Wyoming

Assure Security helped Campbell County, Wyoming’s IT team take control of their system access

The IT team for Campbell County, Wyoming, known as the “Energy Capital of the Nation” in the US, receives requests for audit information on changes made to records as much as 2-3 months after they were made. Given their responsibility for keeping county government operations running efficiently, they don’t have time for inefficient audit reporting methods.

Periodically users will request information about who made changes to a record and what the changes consisted of. For example, the County Assessor would request information concerning who made changes to a property parcel – often 2-3 months after the fact. Each request requires numerous hours sifting through the long string texts of journal data, parsing and grouping the data, then formatting in a way that an administrator could read to determine who changed what data and when. Despite having a security compliance software package installed, it didn’t include capabilities to help with this tedious auditing job.

Marquiss learned that Precisely’s Assure Monitoring and Reporting generates accurate, fast and readable reports on any database or system journaling activity, and decided to install the product. Says Marquiss, “Assure Monitoring and Reporting now saves us countless hours when we get audit requests that require going back to database journals. I use its query function to show me specific data from selected windows of time and within 30 minutes I have a nicely formatted PDF report delivered to the department head.”

Using the IBM i journaling functionality to record system events and database changes, Assure Monitoring and Reporting allows companies to meet regulatory compliance by detecting fraudulent activity through the easy generation of accurate, relevant, and readable reports on database and system activity. IBM i journals are the only accepted audit source for the majority of regulatory standards.

In this case study you’ll learn how Assure Monitoring and Reporting saves Campbell County IT countless hours of sifting through journal data to deliver nicely formatted reports in a variety of formats, and you’ll see how they’ve applied Assure System Access Manager to take control of system and database access.