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Customer Story

Corpbanca Bank

Corpbanca Bank uses Assure Security products to enhance transaction auditing and access-control capabilities

Corpbanca Bank is the fourth largest financial institution in Chile, with direct investments and offices worldwide. Faced with the challenge of quickly meeting Chilean government and PCI regulations, Corpbanca implemented Precisely’s Assure Monitoring and Reporting and System Access Manager solutions to enhance transaction auditing and access-control capabilities. The bank reviewed several alternatives and found Assure Security to be the most robust and easy to use products of those evaluated.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting allows companies to simplify regulatory compliance as well as combat and detect fraudulent activity by providing easily-generated, accurate, relevant, and readable reports on any kind of system or database activity. Assure System Access Manager is a global access control solution that acts as a complement to Assure Monitoring and Reporting to secure user access to IBM i data and applications and to ensure that sensitive banking information is highly protected.

Corpbanca Bank required solutions that would meet governmental regulations for monitoring and reporting, as well as protect sensitive files and monitor the behavior of powerful users. They chose Assure Monitoring and Reporting to track and audit changes to sensitive business files and generate reports. Assure System Access Manager was selected to cover all access points into the IBM i platform. No other solution offered the same level of security. The quick installation process and setup was another benefit that attracted Corpbanca Bank to the solution.

“Assure System Access Manager and Assure Monitoring and Reporting allowed us to achieve a high safety standard and meet several internal and external audit and regulation requirements,” says Cristian Guerra, Operational Risk Manager and Information Security, Corpbanca. “The two solutions complement each other perfectly, to prevent access and command execution as well as to track and audit changes to sensitive business files.”

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