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As compliance with regulatory requirements such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is becoming mandatory in today’s competitive business environment, Sam Bonanno, Infrastructure Production Manager, needed to find a solution to address his company’s needs.


Heinz is a large multinational company that is audited extensively for SOX compliance, and they needed to determine which solution was a ‘best fit’ for their environment to ensure that their BPCS and other mission critical files are audited to comply with regulatory guidelines.

The requirements for their selection process included:

  • Changes to files must be captured and kept for at least one year
  • Access to the captured information must be easy to achieve (i.e. user friendly)
  • Reporting must be on a weekly / monthly basis and ad-hoc reports may need to be developed as required
  • The ability to provide automated reporting must be available • Real time email reporting for exceptions must also be provided
  • This solution must be implemented on all 5 LPARS within budgetary constraints
  • As a deadline existed for the implementation of this solution, implementation needed to be straight forward and capable of being carried out mainly by the Heinz IT Department

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Client profile

Heinz Watties Australia Limited manufactures and sells food products and is a subsidiary of the multinational H.J. Heinz Company. It has moved on from a two man band selling homegrown horseradish back in the 1880s to a major multinational company with leading brands in over 50 countries at the current time.

The history of Heinz is one of innovation, inspiration and hard work.

Heinz Watties Australia employs approximately 1,200 people and is headquartered in Southbank, Victoria The company serves residential and food service customers in Australia and exports its products to customers in Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and the Pacific Islands, as well as South East Asia, Japan, and Korea through a network of affiliated offices.


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“It easily met all of our requirements (and exceeded them), was simple for us to install using both local and international support, and the implementation was completed within the scheduled timeframe. It has also proven to be a cost-effective solution for our entire (i.e. 5 LPAR) iSeries environment.”

Sam Bonanno Infrastructure Production Manager

The Solution

After researching the solutions available to him, Bonanno favored Precisely’s Assure Monitoring and Reporting solution as it contained many features that were of interest to him.

Those features of interest included:

  • Easy to install and set up; no need for any application modifications
  • All types of journal entries are accepted (QAUDJRN, QACGJRN, QZMF), as well as user-defined entries
  • Compatible with journaling-based high-availability and replication software
  • Separate management of journals and receivers is permitted; ideal for customers that use hardware replication/IASP
  • Unique and powerful query engine allows precise condition definitions
  • Numerous report output types: physical file, PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.
  • Event notification via e-mail, popup or syslog
  • Report distribution via SMTP, FTP or via the IFS
  • Ad hoc, periodic, and real-time reports and alerts
  • Extraction and reporting can be independent steps from each other, allowing you to retain extracted data for future reporting
  • Can be used on-demand during investigations
  • Audit models can be created, saved and restored
  • Standard audit models are included for the most popular ERP software.

Using the IBM i journaling functionality to record database changes, Assure Monitoring and Reporting allows companies to meet regulatory compliance by detecting fraudulent activity through the easy generation of accurate, relevant, and readable reports on database and system activity. IBM i journals are the only accepted audit source for the majority of regulatory standards. Easily scalable and with minimum impact on system performance, Assure Monitoring and Reporting can be used by companies of all sizes and is fully compatible with all the most commonly used ERP systems on the IBM i.

The Results

Assure Monitoring and Reporting’s database auditing was first implemented on a test system, and after Bonanno was satisfied that it was functioning as expected, it was also implemented into their production environments. “It easily met all of our requirements (and exceeded them), was simple for us to install using both local and international support, and the implementation was completed within the scheduled timeframe. It has also proven to be a cost-effective solution for our entire (i.e. 5 LPARs) iSeries environment,” Bonanno said.

After extensive use of the solution, it was determined it had virtually no impact on their overall System i performance. Since the initial implementation, a new GUI has been made available to further simplify the development of additional reports. Bonanno has expressed his satisfaction with Assure Monitoring and Reporting as it has addressed all of the requirements that he needed to address in a cost-effective manner.

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