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Customer Story

Broward County Public Schools

Precisely Connect helps keep students, families and teachers, part of Broward County Public Schools, informed in real time

When the Broward County Public Schools data warehouse was first started in 1996, the vision was that data could make a significant difference in student achievement. This vision became a reality as Broward County began to empower thousands of non-technical users with information from its data warehouse.

It also became clear that timeliness was a vital factor, and that Broward County parents, students, teachers and administrators needed real-time, on-demand data sharing.

While it’s no surprise to hear that people are sharing information in a school district, and that intelligence can be key to success, Broward County Public Schools in Florida is using technology to take these subjects to new heights. Broward has developed an award-winning BI implementation comparable to the business analytics systems that support Fortune 500 companies. Broward creates and captures immense volumes of information every day, including attendance records, grades, test scores, medical histories and contact information for parents and guardians. The school district is pioneering innovative new approaches for capturing, storing and rapidly retrieving student information. The backbone of all of these data and reporting activities is the Broward data warehouse.

Over 200,000 students, partners, teachers, and school administrators have login information to access the data warehouse. When these users want information in real-time, they want it “then and there,” according to Phyllis Chasser, Ph.D., Senior Data Warehouse Analyst, Broward County Public Schools.

Using Precisely’s data integration offering Connect, Broward transformed itself from a school system that was data starved to one that was data-driven, the school district’s diverse hardware and software environment was a hurdle. To enable faster, better business intelligence analysis, Broward needed to break through database and platform barriers.

Connect helps make information available to the people who need it, when they need it. Connect provides real-time changed data capture and on-demand, enterprise-wide data sharing between any applications, regardless of database format or operating system.