Customer story

Wheeler Machinery Company - Assure iTERA HA & Precisely Connect

With Precisely, Wheeler was able to remove BI workload from its production systems yet also provide managers with up-to-the-minute data

Wheeler’s business is all about providing high levels of service to their heavy equipment customers. Its managers need timely access to information in order to make critical decisions quickly. The business intelligence (BI) software used to provide this information accesses vast quantities of data. It then “slices and dices” it in ways that allow Wheeler’s managers to spot important issues that demand attention. These BI processes can consume considerable disk I/O bandwidth and processor resources.

As a result of their data-intensive nature, when BI applications run on production systems, they can impair the performance of other business applications.Traditionally, these applications were run on a separate server, against nightly or weekly snapshots of production data. But this approach forced managers to work with data that was not current. Wheeler needed a way to remove the BI workload from production systems while also providing managers with access to up-to-the-minute data.

Wheeler now makes timely BI information available with the help of Precisely's data integration solution Connect.