Analyst Report

The 2023 State of SAP® Automation Report

SAP offers some of the most robust enterprise software products on the market. That is why it is the platform of choice for operating many complex global business with many moving parts. SAP is built to manage all of that complexity — but it takes many resources to maintain master data and update SAP information without falling behind or inadvertently producing bad data.

Companies that rely on manual, error-prone processes to create and maintain the vast amounts of interdependent data required to support SAP business processes are struggling. Increasingly, they are turning to automation to efficiently manage SAP data at scale and improve data quality and integrity.

Our research shows a significant recognition of the importance of automating processes and their associated SAP data to advancing digital transformation. However, many companies hesitate to automate business processes centered on SAP ERP systems. Only half of the companies surveyed rank their level of automation maturity at medium, high or very high. This research was conducted to identify the barriers hampering the adoption of automation for SAP processes, and to find opportunities for helping to expand the use of automation to drive efficiencies in these processes.

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