What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Advertisers use data to segment their audience and focus ad spend so they can deliver targeted messages to the right people at the right time. 

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important?

Programmatic advertising offers a more automated and programable approach to buying ads. Not only does it both simplify and improve the overall process, but it offers scalability at a volume that traditional direct ad buying cannot. It also allows advertisers to make changes in real-time based on impressions to maximize ad budget and campaign efficiency.

The wide availability of active GPS tags, cell signals, and Wi-Fi access points for mobile devices, in addition to the proliferation of ad exchanges, enables advertisers to deliver offers to consumers when and where they are ready to buy. If advertisers enrich and layer mobile data with context supplied by location, they can reach very specific audiences at scale and unlock one of the biggest benefits of programmatic advertising.

Precisely’s data product portfolio can be used by programmatic advertisers for insights and actions


Take for example, a location intelligence technology company that empowers companies to gather, analyze, and activate geospatial information in order to make their digital marketing perform better. They market the ability to turn raw location data into actionable insights. The tech is in the form of a self-service platform that gives clients both transparency and control to combine and analyze 1st and 3rd party data about real-world consumer behaviors. As a result, they can make better advertising decisions.  They can also use 3rd party data to create custom models that predict consumer behaviors and build lookalike audience segments.

With over 400 up-to-date, expertly curated business, location, and consumer datasets, Precisely puts Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) in a better position to develop audiences more accurately, faster and with greater efficiency.  It also enables agencies to deliver richer audience insights to their clients.

How Precisely Can Help

When budgets are on the line, data accuracy, consistency, and context is critical. If at any point the ability to associate a customer to a location is faulty, then all the downstream analytics and audience association will be faulty as well. Done well, and with the right data, programmatic advertising ensures that brands deliver helpful, timely and relevant content that has the desired effect.

Learn more about Precisely’s portfolio of data products that programmatic advertisers are using today to move from insights to action.