What is Geo Addressing?

Geo addressing is Precisely’s combination of three processes related to an address: address verification, geocoding, and the creation of a unique, persistent identifier (the PreciselyID). 

Geo addressing capabilities ensure that addresses found in the business data are verified, standardized, and cleaned for maximum accuracy. The following step associates a hyper-accurate geocode or location (latitude/longitude), often at rooftop level, and assigns a PreciselyID for each addressable location in a country. 

Why is Geo Addressing Important?

Every address has two aspects: the address itself and where that address is located, the latitude/longitude, or geocode. For businesses, it is critical to get both right. An imprecise geocode or a bad address can increase risk, miss new opportunities, make fraud difficult to detect, and result in failed or repeat deliveries. 

Managing your continuously changing customer, employee, and vendor databases containing addresses is hard enough. Managing address standards across multiple countries, assigning an accurate location, and enriching that data for even more context is even more challenging. 

Geo addressing solutions provide verified addresses, geocoding, and enable data enrichment so your organization can:

  • Build rich customer and property profiles with over 9,000 attributes revealing greater context for more confident business decisions
  • Simplify internal data management functions by leveraging the PreciselyID
  • Generate spatial insights to improve business workflows and decision-making
  • Optimize business outcomes by visualizing analytics that is purpose-built for business users and executives
  • Meet your IT or strategic needs with flexible deployment options

The 6 Capabilities You Need in a Geo Addressing Solution

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How Does Geo Addressing Work?

To build Master Location Data (MLD), the geocoding reference dataset, we process data from multiple sources, take the best location information available, and engineer that data to ensure high match rates with hyper-accurate location.

This multi-million-record dataset includes unit numbers within multi-dwelling units and office complexes, as well as addresses delivered to by national couriers. Secondary addresses, address changes, and historical information are also included to enhance matching accuracy.

The resulting Master Location Data datasets become the reference source for address verification, address cleansing and standardization, reverse geocoding (you supply the geocode, we provide the address), and Address Autocomplete. These geo addressing capabilities are delivered in a variety of ways to meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Industry-standard APIs that allow a broad range of integrations
  • On-premises or natively in the cloud, for a single server or big data applications
  • Our geo addressing software developer kit (SDK)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) geocoding and mapping 
  • The flexibility to choose address verification only, geocoding only, or both

How Precisely Can Help

Learn how Precisely’s suite of geo addressing solutions improves the accuracy and richness of your data and optimizes business outcomes through better decision-making.