Snowflake Summit

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Snowflake Summit 2022

Tuesday, June 14 at 1:00pm
Caesars Forum Basecamp, Kilimanjaro Theater

How to Make Splunk Security Work for Legacy IBM Mainframe and Series i

To stay competitive in today’s digital economy, you need to deliver mobile and browser-based apps to your customers and innovative analytics solutions to the business—and you need to do it faster than ever.

Snowflake provides the modern data platform you need for innovation. But how do you bring mission-critical data from your mainframe, IBM i, or other legacy sources into your Snowflake environment to power these next-gen solutions?

Join Precisely product manager, John de Saint Phalle, to hear real-world stories of how enterprise organizations have built high-performance, resilient data pipelines between Snowflake and their traditional tech stack—and delivered state-of-the-art solutions powered by real-time transactional data.


Get Mainframe and IBM i Data to Snowflake

Get Mainframe and IBM i Data to Snowflake

Sky Realizes Real-Time, Error-Free Data Replication with Precisely

Sky Realizes Real-Time, Error-Free Data Replication with Precisely

Snowflake and Precisely Connect

Snowflake and Precisely

Don’t Miss Trust ’22, the Data Integrity Summit

Precisely’s annual Data Integrity Summit is right around the corner and we could not be more excited to share the latest thinking and product innovations in data integrity with today’s data leaders from around the world.

Join us virtually for Trust ’22 on June 21 & 22 to discover why trusted data with accuracy, consistency, and context is key to meeting critical business objectives – and unlocking new opportunities along the way.

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