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Snowflake and Precisely Connect

Ensure business user access to your most valuable enterprise data for bigger insights and better decisions with Snowflake and Precisely

Snowflake cloud data warehousing is quickly becoming the focal point for new IT projects such as analytics, data lakes, and secure data sharing. Legacy data needs to be a part of these initiatives to give organizations comprehensive data sets for use within Snowflake.

As a result, businesses need a way to get legacy data directly into Snowflake, simplifying the process, reducing cost, and making actionable data available – enter Precisely. Download this solution sheet to learn how Snowflake and Precisely Connect help you achieve the best outcome for your business and legacy data.

Together, Snowflake and Precisely help you get the best outcome for your business. Precisely’s expert approach and over 50 years of experience, means direct access and understanding of:

  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, Db2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL
  • Mainframe data: VSAM, COBOL Copybooks, mainframe fixed and sequential files
  • Semi-structured data: JSON, XML
  • Enterprise data warehouses: Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Greenplum
  • Cloud: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Hive
  • Streaming platforms: Apache Kafka
  • Flat files: Fixed length, variable length, delimited

Data silos to Snowflake and Precisely at speed of business

Quickly and easily integrate IBM i, mainframe, and other legacy data into Snowflake and make critical data available to accelerate analytics, fill data lakes, and modernize your data warehouse. Use Precisely’s data integration solution Connect to access, transform, and load data from any source to Snowflake within a single flow. Once the data lands in Snowflake, it will be indistinguishable from other data sources and ready to be used in existing or new processes.

Connect offers:

    • Db2/z connections via: Db2 API, ODBC or JDBC for batch or with changed data detection (CDC)
    • Hierarchical mainframe data set integration with relational Snowflake tables
    • Support loads to Snowflake on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Read this solution sheet to learn more.

Snowflake and Precisely Connect