Automate SAP® Processes with Precisely

Work faster, improve data quality, and make an impact at scale

You rely on SAP ERP to run your business – and yet, SAP data creation and management processes can be some of the most notoriously complex and time-consuming processes.

Get ready to turn your inefficient SAP processes around and empower business teams to drive positive change across your organization, with a platform that’s built for automating complex SAP processes and improving SAP master data management.

What exactly will those successes look like? Think swifter SAP processes, improved governance, reduced costs, and better data integrity – overall, a more efficient, powerful new approach to your SAP master data management.

Best Practices for SAP automation – A roadmap for building success from the inside

If you’re responsible for improving SAP automation processes and data quality, this eBook is for you. You’ll learn the questions to ask and best practices to follow at each step of your journey to ensure you get both faster processes and better data—and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Why do organizations need SAP automation?


Speed up business processes through workflow automation and efficient Excel to SAP automation

Improved data quality

Integrated data management means data is first time right every time

Better governance

Increased governance ensures better business processes and reduced risk

Automation that’s built for SAP

The unique complexities of SAP require specific automation expertise

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Why You Need A Specialized Automation Platform

Why You Need a Specialized Automation Platform for Digitizing Your Strategic SAP® Processes

Automate Evolve is the only platform purpose-built to handle the rigors and complexity of digitizing SAP master data processes. Automate Evolve uniquely combines enterprise-grade workflow, robust data stewardship, and deep SAP integration capabilities.

Change the way you work with SAP Automation

Change the way you work with SAP® through automation

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how to keep pace and adapt in a dynamic market and make bigger, better decisions with trusted data.

Evolving Digital Into a Competitive Advantage

Explore why automating SAP processes is vital for the overall success of your digital transformation efforts and why you need differentiated strategies and platforms to tackle automating processes in your digital core.

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