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Why You Need a Specialized Automation Platform for Digitizing Your Strategic SAP® Processes

The automation platform for your most important SAP data.  Your SAP master data is your most important business data—core business operations simply can’t function without it. This critical data not only needs to be right and compliant—but available at the speed demanded by today’s digital economy. When it’s not, the consequences go beyond the high costs caused by production, shipping, and billing errors or compliance breaches. The success of your digital transformation efforts and, ultimately, your ability to compete and thrive depends on accurate, timely SAP master data.

Your company probably owns multiple automation platforms, so why do you need to add another to your portfolio?

The answer is simple. Automate Evolve is the only platform purpose-built to handle the rigors and complexity of digitizing SAP master data processes. Automate Evolve uniquely combines enterprise-grade workflow, robust data stewardship, and deep SAP integration capabilities.

It’s no-code, low-code design empowers both IT and business teams to build and maintain powerful automation solutions that speed your critical business processes. This includes processes like product launches, customer and vendor onboarding, GL account setup, plant maintenance, and more—all while improving data quality and compliance.

Over 2400 organizations worldwide trust Precisely Automate to automate their critical SAP processes, enabling them to be more agile, do more with fewer resources, and get the most from their SAP ERP investment.

Why add Automate Evolve to your automation portfolio?

Traditional business process management tools can effectively manage complex process interactions but are not designed to handle the complex SAP data structures. They do little or nothing to improve data quality and lack the data stewardship capabilities to enforce business rules and data standards.

Conversely, robotic process automation (RPA) tools are good at managing lowcomplexity processes but are not designed to handle complex business processes, especially those involving humans in the loop. RPA tools were never meant to improve data quality. In fact, they have no concept of what data quality even is.

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Why You Need A Specialized Automation Platform