Example Landing Page

This page is an example of best practices for a tradeshow or other landing page. This example demonstrates numerous modules that can be selectively used for to promote our participation at an event,

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Two column text and image example

This module can be used on the top of the page below the title to promote our participation, tell our booth number, and have a call to action to schedule a meeting.

I can add an image here and have so on the right side.

The below boxes can be used to promote any sessions Precisely is presenting at a tradeshow or event. You can have one, two, three or four. Having more is not recommended.

Sunday, 4:00-4:30 pm (Stage 2, level 1)

Setting store strategies that maximize omni channel performance

Paul Thompson
Kyle Bingham

Monday, 1:30-2:00 pm (Stage 5, Level 3)

How Columbia Sportswear is using automation to drive business success during the pandemic (Columbia Sportswear)

Holly Day, Extended Supply Chain Manager
Dave Flock, Business Analyst

CTA box example

– To be used to promote something

This element can be used to highlight a specific asset or event. For example you could promote Trust ’22 here, or perhaps a popular eBook

The below section can be used to highlight staff working the event. LinkedIn profiles are optional and are your call. We can have circular or square images. Please provide good quality images of a reasonable size. Please do not provide links to LinkedIn for the images. LinkedIn images are too small. Also if you want links to the LinkedIn profiles please provide same.

Bjorn Alexanderson
Bjorn Alexanderson
Territory Sales Manager

Carl Rudblad
Carl Rudblad
Regional Sales Director Nordics and Baltics

Johan Savas
Johan Savas
Senior Sales Engineer

This is an example of adding Resources. Three is ideal. We do not recommend using more than six. Please provide links to assets already in the Precisely website resource center. We do not use links to assets hosted on Sharepoint or in Eloqua.

Why You Need A Specialized Automation Platform

Why You Need a Specialized Automation Platform for Digitizing Your Strategic SAP® Processes

Automate Evolve is the only platform purpose-built to handle the rigors and complexity of digitizing SAP master data processes. Automate Evolve uniquely combines enterprise-grade workflow, robust data stewardship, and deep SAP integration capabilities.

Change the way you work with SAP Automation

Change the way you work with SAP® through automation

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how to keep pace and adapt in a dynamic market and make bigger, better decisions with trusted data.

Evolving Digital Into a Competitive Advantage

Explore why automating SAP processes is vital for the overall success of your digital transformation efforts and why you need differentiated strategies and platforms to tackle automating processes in your digital core.

Ruslan Sultanov

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