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AIOps Is Here: Why You Need It Now

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | April 9, 2020

Downtime and system outages carry average two-year costs of $67.2 million per enterprise, according to a recent Ponemon Institute study. Direct outage costs such as system administration and support typically pale in comparison to indirect, long-term costs such as lost productivity and revenue, and a damaged brand reputation.  

Virtually every business function relies on IT performance and service availability, from customer apps and websites to back-office accounting. Service outages and performance issues are a costly risk. However, maintaining high availability and performance isn’t simple. 

AIOps in IT Performance Management

Visibility into IT operations has never been a bigger challenge than it is today. Complexity is a by-product of the big data explosion. Information is spread across on-premises data centers and multi-cloud containers, and pinpointing the root cause of performance degradation requires compiling data on IT operations from siloed data sources.

Artificial intelligence applications leverage sophisticated machine learning (ML) algorithms to minimize the noise around IT event data. AI for IT Operations, or AIOps, is officially here. Gartner predicts that by 2023, 40% of DevOps teams will augment application and infrastructure monitoring tools with artificial intelligence for AIOps platform capabilities.

ServiceNow® solves the complexities of today’s multi-cloud enterprise IT infrastructure by reducing event noise generated by monitoring tools. Sophisticated ML tactics minimize the noise surrounding all IT services, users, applications, and cloud systems into a single view of events. Filtering capabilities eliminate duplicates and reduce confusing noise, allowing ServiceNow users to drill-down to discover the root causes of performance risks.

Use Ironstream to See the Full AIOps Picture

It’s impossible to see the full picture of IT operations and events if an AIOps deployment doesn’t connect the dots to the mainframe or IBM i environment. A failure to include these systems in your IT operations creates a limited view of the critical data and relationships you need to spot and fix problems fast. 

Without context, it’s easy to make poor decisions about performance, and ultimately, run the risk of downtime. 

Ironstream creates a connection between ServiceNow and traditional IBM systems to capture event data for ML analysis. This is the first-ever solution to extend ServiceNow’s powerful capabilities for proactive event management to the entire enterprise ecosystem. 

Automate IT Performance and Event Management

AIOps can simplify the task of assessing an endless stream of enterprise event data by creating a single view into the most critical incidents. Deploying ServiceNow for Event Management can lead to:

  • 99% reduction in event noise
  • 70% reduction in high priority events
  • 80% reduction in service outages

Ironstream extends these powerful AIOps capabilities to the entire infrastructure supporting your business. Want to know more? Download our eBook: Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i: AIOps-Driven Event Management.