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The New Trillium DQ: Big Data Insights When and Where You Need Them

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | March 2, 2020

According to the recent PwC Data Trust Pulse Survey, 86% of executives believe they are in a race to extract value from data, and a Forrester global research report indicated that 92% of data decision makers feel the need to increase the use of outside data. We’re continuing to create and use more and more data – some 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day – as we strive to gain data-driven insights.  Yet the KPMG 2017 Global CEO Outlook reported that 92% executives are concerned about the negative impact of data and analytics on corporate reputation; the PwC survey indicated poor reliability in over 33% of the data used; and Dimensional Research reports nearly 80% of AI and ML projects stalling due to poor data quality. With these challenges in mind, we have released Trillium DQ version 16.

Trillium DQ v16 is the latest offering in the Precisely Trillium family of products that helps organizations understand, improve, and maximize the value of and trust in their data.  Trillium DQ allows you to deploy and leverage data quality capabilities consistently when and where needed, including taking advantage of the growing shift towards cloud data platforms. At the same time, Trillium DQ leverages the resources and skills your organization has invested in while scaling to address the data challenges you face in supporting critical business decisions.

At the heart of Trillium DQ v16 is a common cross-platform architecture that ensures consistent use, processing, and outcomes whether for traditional or distributed platforms, on-premise or in the cloud. This release of Trillium DQ brings years of market-leading expertise in data quality capabilities together with Precisely’s Intelligent Execution engine to provide a “design once, deploy anywhere” paradigm for deploying robust, highly-performant, and scalable data profiling and data quality processes natively on the relevant platform.

Trillium DQ

Trillium DQ v16 provides all the full, rich data quality capabilities and familiar interface that our customers expect.  Broad data connectivity options provide access more sources of data ranging from traditional files and RDBMS, to HDFS file systems and Big Data sources such as Hive and NoSQL.  Distributed execution across the cluster speeds time-to-value for key data quality functions such as data profiling, business rule execution, parsing and cleansing, and data matching and entity resolution. This powerful capability lets you scale as your data volumes grow simply by adding to your cluster, not rebuilding your data quality processes.


Governing Volume: Ensuring Trust and Quality in Big Data

Read on to discover how a strong focus on data quality spanning the people, processes and technology of your organization will help ensure quality and trust in your analytics that drive business decisions.

Data profiling is central to achieving effective understanding of your data’s “fitness” for use, and Trillium DQ lets business analysts quickly process any available data source in three simple steps without technical expertise.  The profiling results let analysts explore the metadata summaries, statistics, and inferences and immediately drilldown to any issue or anomaly including correlations that may become issues for use in machine learning initiatives.

Trillium DQ incorporates our best-in-class, rules-driven fuzzy matching utilizing prebuilt out-of-the-box global templates and over 40 matching algorithms to meet organizational requirements for accurate entity resolution that maximizes true positives, minimizes false positives and false negatives, and generates results that are transparent and traceable across a cluster, a particular challenge when business executives are looking to ensure and validate trust in the resulting data.

With Trillium DQ v16 you can evaluate and correct higher volumes of data; achieve 2x or faster processing even on traditional platforms and small distributed clusters to help fit limited time windows; make greater use of your Big Data investments; and reduce disk space usage.

Trillium DQ also provides a rich set of REST API’s to support integration into your broader application environment.  For those using the Collibra Platform for data governance, there is out-of-the-box automated, synchronized, bi-directional integration for business rules to accelerate use and ensure data quality metrics are feeding directly into your data quality dashboards.

To learn more about Trillium DQ v16 and how it can help to provide for your business and meet your data quality challenges at scale, download the Trillium DQ product sheet . To learn more about the challenges of Big Data and how you can ensure trust and quality in data with Trillium DQ, read our eBook.