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Precisely Expands Partnership with Vistar Media

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | November 13, 2023

Unlocking Location-Based Context for Highly Personalized

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Precisely PlaceIQ location-based audiences now available to Vistar Media’s advertising clients – powering digital out-of-home campaigns with unbeatable levels of audience targeting. 

Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, is proud to announce an expanded partnership with Vistar Media, the world’s leading marketplace for programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH). This expansion enables Vistar Media customers to benefit from powerful audience targeting for digital outdoor advertising campaigns, powered by Precisely PlaceIQ location data.  PlaceIQ audiences are available directly in the Vistar demand-side platform (DSP) for easy activation.

These expanded capabilities build on a three-year partnership with Vistar to further their shared goal of providing innovative data solutions that put out-of-home advertising on par with other digital media channels. With this latest update, Vistar is making over 1,000 PlaceIQ audience segments available directly within its DSP for seamless client activation.  In the first month of the expanded solution, Vistar saw large-scale campaigns leveraging PlaceIQ data from many well-known brands spanning multiple categories including: a casual restaurant chain, national coffee shop chain, major liquor brand and national cable internet provider.

Vistar’s technology analyzes the specific times and areas a PlaceIQ has the highest propensity to be reached and enables activation of the campaign programmatically on all of the DOOH screens that over-index for that target audience. When there is availability on those particular screens, Vistar will then programmatically bid on the inventory that reaches the client’s desired PlaceIQ audience.

“We’re really excited to expand on our existing partnership with Precisely PlaceIQ to offer advertisers even more effective ways to reach their audiences,” said Amanda Flugstad-Clarke, Manager of Data Partnerships at Vistar Media. “Thanks to the advanced technology and location data available in Precisely PlaceIQ, advertisers activating DOOH campaigns in the Vistar DSP can more strategically target consumers based on movement patterns, purchase behaviors and other advanced intent signals.”

Precisely PlaceIQ solutions use real-world movement data to understand and connect with shoppers, enabling brands to execute highly relevant targeting based on established customer journeys. Vistar clients can now instantly add data-driven audience segments to their programmatic DOOH campaigns across high-value screen locations such as billboards, bus shelters, urban panels, office buildings, restaurants, gas stations, gyms and more — reaching target audiences at crucial moments in time.

“Vistar solutions are built for the real-world, taking into account the nuances of how and when shoppers move,” said Dan Adams, SVP of Data & Operations at Precisely. “With our expanded partnership, advertisers can quickly and easily target the exact audience they require – whether they are looking to connect with recent Walmart shoppers, frequent yoga studio visitors, theme park enthusiasts, or a whole host of hyper-personalized audience segments.”

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