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Meet Sreedhar: Precisely’s Distinguished Engineer

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | June 1, 2022

Nowadays, it’s uncommon to hear about someone staying in the same job for decades. Even more uncommon is to hear of someone who’s worked on the same technical domain for this length of time. But for Sreedhar Janaswamy, Principal Technology Architect, and Distinguished Engineer, that’s exactly how he’s spent the last 20+ years of his career – architecting the IBM B2B domain.

“Twenty years seems like a long time, but I’ve dedicated my career to this product because I’ve never been bored with it. As our customers’ needs evolve, I’m challenged to understand their requirements and find a solution for them,” says Sreedhar.

As one of Precisely’s legacy domains, IBM B2B was acquired by Precisely during the 2019 acquisition. Sreedhar joined Precisely through this acquisition, having begun his career at IBM shortly after completing his master’s degree in Technology. It was during his studies that he learned about computer programming, and he was immediately hooked. Thus began his career at IBM.

“Early on, I had a goal to be a part of IBM’s top technical group,” shares Sreedhar. “I joined the technical ladder so that I could begin working toward the goals required to achieve this recognition.”

Over the last two decades, Sreedhar’s achievements are vast – as a multiple patent holder, author of numerous technical papers and blogs, and conference speaker – Sreedhar is viewed both internally and externally as one of the most experienced and regarded subject matter in the IBM B2B and EDI spaces.

“Sreedhar possesses a unique and highly-valued attribute of being able to talk with authority and credibility to deep-technical audiences,” says Fernanda Tavares, SVP, R&D, Data Integration. “He has always been known for his complex problem-solving skills, ability to delight customers, and proven track record in technical leadership.”

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His technical leadership has resulted in multiple innovations that have enabled customers to securely transfer information between multiple legacy systems with a high level of security, speed, and efficiency. In one such instance, a national taxation office needed a way for agents and employers to standardize and securely exchange tax documents and employee payroll information across the government agency. Sreedhar and his team dedicated nearly a year to the customer to develop an add-on feature to B2B Integrator, B2B Advanced Communications, that enabled this customer to add and format a syntax for each file that could be used to easily transfer and download files across the agency.

It is Sreedhar’s collective innovations, deep technical acumen, dedication to the customer, and leadership that recently earned him the title of Distinguished Engineer. While he began is technical ladder journey at IBM, Sreedhar is now one of three engineers honored in Precisely’s inaugural Technical Recognition Program, which signifies the highest level of technical achievement within the organization.

As a father to a son and a daughter, this recognition is an example to them and to all who wish to excel in their careers that hard work does pay off. “If you are self-motivated, the reward will come,” says Sreedhar. “Sometimes it takes time. For me, it took 24 years. But if you’re passionate about your work, continue to put your passion into it, and it will come.”

So what’s next for Sreedhar? You guessed it: finding new solutions for customers. Right now, he’s focused on helping customers take advantage of emerging trends like moving from on-premise to the cloud; integrating AI capabilities into legacy domains; and using APIs to transfer data.

Congratulations to Sreedhar on this enormous career milestone! From all of us at Precisely, thank you setting an example of how dedication, passion, and self-motivation leads to big rewards.

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